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  • Clean And Minimal Design
  • We Love Our Clients
  • Powerful & Flexible Settings
  • Online Premium Support
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Our Services
Managed IT Services
Our Los Angeles based IT Outsourcing Services are custom fit to meet the needs of each business we work with. Managed IT Services and Technical Support needs vary, and our model is based on fitting the specific computer solutions required for each engagement.
Cloud Services
Businesses large and small are moving some or all of their IT functions to the cloud and Parker Consulting is leading the charge. Your business can realize the benefit of anywhere, anytime computing while minimizing IT costs and maximizing uptime and service levels.
Disaster Recovery Planning
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VOIP Solutions
Transforming the way businesses operate, helping you grow and profit from the best cloud-based business VoIP services. The mobility and flexibility you experience with our cloud-based business VoIP services let you serve your customers better.
Other Services
Parker Consulting has enabled us to increase our efficiency and accuracy. As our business continues to grow so will our use of the them.
Andy Edgerton
President | Lone Star Foundries, Inc.
Parker Consulting was able to take our current processes, and create solutions for our unique needs. It was their flexibility that made them stand out when we were looking for a software solution.
Matthew Mull
VP of Sales and Marketing
The Parker Consulting Dashboard Screen givers owners and managers an up to the minute snapshot of Orders, Shipments, Scrap and Delivery. I can access this in less than a minute when it used to take an hour plus of digging through reports.
Brad Desplinter
GM/VP, TPM, Inc.
Guardian is the tool for us to consolidate information from multiple sources into one cohesive system.
Jogi Makhani
VP, American Foundry Group
Parker Consulting has enabled us to increase our efficiency and accuracy. As our business continues to grow so will our use of the Parker Consulting.
Andy Edgerton
President, Pure Castings
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